World War 3 Between INDIA and PAKISTAN

Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by Izaki, Oct 29, 2016.


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    War is not good..Bt if Pakistan starts it then within One day India will defeat Pakistan..India is one of d most powerful army in world.
  2. Veteran

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    india is a peaceful country. world war may be start by CHINA and USA . usa and china want to sell their equipment to ind and pak so they dont want peace between these two contries
  3. Fernando

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    I'm not sure this would spark a world wide war, but it would cause some commotion.
    However, if USA gets involved then the rest of the world will quickly be involved aswell.
  4. Krystianoo

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    Pakistan made a world record of surrender of 93000 fully armed brave Paki soldiers
  5. Randomer2000

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    I too don't think this would cause a REAL world war, but either way I hope for no war at all, even between those two nations!
  6. Krystianoo

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    but this happend one day cuz pak support terrorism and we all know where osama bin laden found dead
  7. Darran

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    Wow! 33 billion is a pittance considering the cost to Pak for hosting these mongrels.