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    Watching videos. There are a handful of apps that can be left running for a while. It's a quick way to guarantee some points. Shopping online. I've never used this before, but you'll get X amount of swagbucks per dollar spent. Playing theme games on their website. They don't work for me though.Answering the daily poll.Referrals. Payouts are pretty simple. Once you have enough swagbucks (500 = $5 which is on the lower end, but some rewards are as small as 5 swagbucks), just go to "Rewads" on the left to pick a price. Gift cards with codes are done digitally of course. There is Paypal, Amazon, etc

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    so when you get a gift card, do they mail it to you or do you get the codes from an email?
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    you got gift card in your email address