stuck in the snow

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  1. costin84

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    Did you got stuck in the snow?
    It happens every winter to me. The first thing I do, although some friends criticize me, is to stop the engine, I don`t want to waste precious fuel, until the authorities will clean the road. I prefer warm blankets on me and hot tea
  2. Darran

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    the absolute best solution for this is to keep cardboard sheets in the trunk. If you're stuck, it works surprisingly well if you put it under the tires
  3. costin84

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    It would work on mild snow, but here when it snows, it`s like a storm, you can`t do anything just to wait until it`s over. I prefer chains, since cardboards tend to get wet and torn, while chains resist until your destination
  4. Leo Parker

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    Try these strategies:
    Don' spin your tires. That will dig your car in deeper and also your tire can be damaged.
    Put the car in the lowest gear and try to back up slowly. now Stop. Then move forward, slowly. If that fails. turn the steering wheel and again try to back up slowly, then move ahead slowly.
    If you are still stuck then it's time to chain up. That almost does the trick....