Semi Truck Driving certs?

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  1. Jellynelly

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    So my Uncle is a Semi-Truck driver. I know you need a special license to own and operate one, but what kind of training does it entail? I'd ask him, but sadly I dont get to see him. He's gone so much, and the next time I'll see him probably won't be till thanksgiving, or christmas, and by then I might forget.

    I'm not really interested in being one myself, but I just wonder what it takes to be a Semi truck driver is all.
  2. Abraham

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    As far as I know, there is no specific formal education that you would need to operate trucks or semi trucks, school diploma is preferred though. However, you need to complete a training course at an accredited truck driving school which will help you with truck driving skills. The most important and compulsory thing is you must have the commercial driver's license called CDL to operate trucks and I feel all these would be applied to semi trucks as well, will look up for more info for sure.