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    RentWizard was founded by RV Owners for RV Enthusiasts to Provide Peer-to-Peer Recreational Vehicle Rentals. Finding the perfect RV has never been so easy. RentWizard's QuickPick search technology allows you to rapidly select your right ride from thousands of available options.


    Smart RV Owners are turning their RV’s into additional income by sharing them when not in use. RentWizard makes it easy to list your vehicle and gain the exposure you need to find qualified renters. You decide who rents, when and at what price. Just by listing your RV for rent, you qualify for significant tax benefits!

    RentWizard Ambassadors.

    RentWizard Ambassadors are not salespeople. They simply introduce the brilliant concept to RV Owners of making their RV available for rent. RV Owners enjoy the income and huge tax benefits only RentWizard can provide. Once an RV Owner lists their RV, you get paid, when they rent their RV, you get paid and when they renew their listing, you get paid! It's as simple as that!