Opinions on the XT5?

Discussion in 'Cadillac' started by Randomer2000, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Randomer2000

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    The XT5 looks great. It finally fills the hole that Cadillac has had in its Crossover section. The Escalade is great but is a bit too big to fall into the crossover category and may be too big for most suburban families.

    The XT5 however is looking promising. Opinions?
  2. abbey

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    Cadilac XT5 has been launched in China and is available starting at RMB 35900, i.e $55,586 USD and may go upto RMB 539,900, i.e $83236 USD.

    Is the pricing justified ?
  3. Vernacova

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    The thing to look at it is pricing in its segment with the features typically offered in that segment and how it all fairs into that price. Typically cars in the same segment come in close to each other to the point that its almost a preference of brand. Not all buyers are efficient and informed enough to look into the fine details being offered. For many what is included is good enough :)
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  4. Leo Parker

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    Wow I drove this car, what a ride it was. Incredible interior. Often I can't tell if the engine is running from the inside the car based on hearing. Acceleration is great when needed. The most important difference is the new, redesigned seats. They are more comfortable than the SRX's seats. Overall it's a great car.