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  1. Fernando

    Fernando Member

    I currently have a drivers license to drive a car but I'm thinking of getting my drivers license for a motorcycle aswell.
    It's quite a lot of money so I want to be sure that driving a motorcycle is my thing.

    What makes motorcycles so much better than driving a car?
  2. Christian

    Christian Member

    Car cant even come close to thrill that you get with riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle makes you talk and fly in the wind. About advantages of a motorcycle over cars, it runs on less than half the gas would burn up in a smoke. A motorcycle would take up only one third the space a car would need to park.
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  3. Abraham

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    You wont be able to do texting while riding a motorcycle and avoid accidents that many car drivers face due to this. There are many more but this one and the above shared by Christian are the reasons that I can think of at the moment as to why you should go for a motorcycle instead of a car :)
  4. Christian

    Christian Member

    For me the most important reason is it gets you out in fresh air and you get the smell of fresh trees and and not the car freshners hanging in the car :) There is not a greater joy than to escape and ride on two wheels. It gives you a sense of riding that you can never get driving a car :)
  5. abbey

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    This may sound strange but I would say motorcycles are safer than cars and one can better avoid accidents on them. I feel safe in a car because I have protection but I have more options for protection on motorcycles.
  6. The Juice

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    Well I would say in general any ccident that dents a car can put a motorcyclist in hospital. Also careless motorcyclists can kill themselves more easily on a motorcycle is not denied.