Monster Go Kart

Discussion in 'All Go-Kart Discussions' started by Eric, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Eric

    Eric Site Administrator Staff Member

    OMG, got to have one!!!

  2. Nico

    Nico Member

    That looks so much fun! But I guess it would a bit unsafe since it just seems like it would be far too easy to just topple over. If I was to have a go of one of them, I'd be putting on all my protective gear.
  3. Dannyboy

    Dannyboy Member

    Daaaang. I wonder at what point does a go-cart become a car though. And if you need a license to drive one. I have my license for both cars and motorcycles, but if I ever lose my license for any reason I'd still like to be able to get around town.
  4. Taylor Ann

    Taylor Ann Member

    Wow! That looks like it would be awesome to drive! I would also wonder though if you would need a license to drive something like that though as well.
  5. denisa

    denisa Member

    It seems perfect, when you need to arrive the fastest possible to the mall, to grab the discounts ;)
    I wonder, is it already authorised for driving or just a prototype?
  6. Joe

    Joe Member

    Not bright enough to put on a helmet, probably not bright enough to weld correctly.
  7. alex1

    alex1 Member

    this guy is nuts, no helmet, as soon as that thing crashes hes done for man..
  8. kumar

    kumar Member

    toooooo much power lmfao, needs bigger tires unless you just wanna drift in it
  9. mani

    mani Member

    come to Patra,Greece if got nuts :p
  10. Sandy

    Sandy Member

    Max power but **** handling and no brakes Kinda pointless really
  11. denisa

    denisa Member

    Indeed, but I guess it will be updated
    It was interesting enough to see it starting to roll, it should be available on roads, especially for feminine audience
  12. Darran

    Darran Member

    That thing is soo fast that at the end the black turned white hmm :eek:
  13. Daisy

    Daisy Member

    Hahaha that is so awesome! I've never seen that before, that's pretty cool.
  14. Randomer2000

    Randomer2000 Member

    Have you driven a Kart before? I had the same fear while racing on the track although it has never tipped over on me so far. Although I wouldn't recommend sharp turns at extreme speeds.
  15. Darran

    Darran Member

    I bet that has like F1 acceleration...
  16. kELLY

    kELLY Member

    hmm nice Is it hard to control you go kart at such a high speed?