Luggage with wheels.

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  1. Truckermax

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    I might be dumb for posting this, but I couldn't pass it up since this is a automotive board, and this is a luggage thread.

    Quick question: Does luggage with the little wheels on them count as automotive?

    If so, whats your favorite brand huh? Mine is this cheap little set I got at Wal-Mart. Does nice little tight turns around the corners, and needs little maintenance.
  2. Daniel

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    Haha I read this interesting thread and had to reply on it, I love every bit of this thread.
    I wouldn't consider it automotive as the definition I was taught is "propelled by a self-contained motor, engine, or the like".
    I haven't found a luggage suitcase that drives itself yet unfortunately.

    As far as my brand goes, I can't recall what brand mine is, I have a big black one with wheels. It's a chore to use it though, the cheap plastic wheels have no mercy on me. Of course it's all about how much stuff you plan to stuff in there, I tend to overstuff mine, which is probably why it's such a burden to bring it.
  3. Christian

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    Lol :) Very well explained Truckermax. Well I have one from Samsonite from last couple of years and I feel it handles my over stuffing and rough usage very well :) Its very durable and very reasonably priced too. There is a large variety available for everyone out there, so you can pick one up by your choice and budget.
  4. Randomer2000

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    Lol, Why would you think it was an automotive? You need to physically push it for it to work haha!

    On the topic though, I don't carry luggage's with wheels unless they are the small trolly like ones.
  5. Dave92

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    Interesting thread to say the least!

    To answer the question, I always used Samsonite all my life and they never let me down. I like to replace my luggage every now and then but if I kept the first one I bought, I think I would still be using it without any issues.