Installing more seats?

Discussion in 'Alumacraft' started by Fred Stone, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Fred Stone

    Fred Stone Member

    Looking at the 165 Tiller you can tell ther are space for a lot more seats. Is it possible to install more seats into this boat? Ideally I could place one more to the front right and another in the bottom left. As well as one more in the front middle.

    Would this be at all possible? Does ALumacraft offer this service?
  2. abbey

    abbey Member

    Do you have a center mounted rear seat pedestal? If so, you can drop a ski pole into the rear seat pedestal socket and then run braces back to the rear gunnel on each side to brace the post.
  3. The Juice

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    Please remember that It is VERY IMPORTANT to ALWAYS ski with an observer in the boat. Also, it is very important that a rear view mirror be used in the boat for use by the driver. Also, NEVER take your hand off of the throttle. At the least sign of distress, or tube diving, be sure to pull the throttle back.