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      • I was very pleased with the price for advertising my Trailer; which was nothing. All I had to do was take a few pictures and write a short description of the trailer and send it in; Mr. Jensen of RV Wheelator did the rest. I offered my trailer at a fair price and RV Wheelator took their commission from the mark-up.
      • The very first person who came to look at the trailer bought it; full price. WOW!
      • I couldn't be happier, I sold the trailer and it cost me nothing for advertising;GREAT DEAL!
      • I would definitely recommend using RV Wheelator to all of my friends.
      • Randy from Illinois 8BC91A71-1F09-4CF2-9876-0B61025727D6.jpg
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    Wow man, thats awesome. You are lucky to have got your full price with the very first customer itself and that too without having to pay any commission for the same. I will definitely recommend RV Wheelator to my friends interested in selling out their RVs. Thanks for sharing.