How to decide what car to buy

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  1. How do you decide what car you should buy when it time? Do you look around and find one that you like, or do you talk with friends and see what they say is a good car?
  2. Taylor Ann

    Taylor Ann Member

    I tend to just see the different ads for cars that are out, and if I like one then I will buy it. But then there was one time I ended up changing my mind about the car that I wanted once I got to the dealership because I loved another car that I found there.
  3. Kurt Black

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    As said above, it's all about whether you like and want the car. There's no point in just buying any random car, you have to be attracted to it in some way, whether it be the model or overall look.
  4. The Juice

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    I once received a message from one of my friends asking if I can suggest him some good car psychiatrist because he was stuck and could not decide which one to buy :) I think its pretty simple, go with your budget and needs and do the market research based on this and pick the one which best suits your requirements and budget, of course only after considering its reviews :)
  5. Leo Parker

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    First I decide my budget and then do some market research and talk with friends then read some reviews related to those and then pick the one when all these things done. And I think this is one of the best method.