Hit and Run

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  1. If you got into a hit and run do you think that you would be able to remember the license of the person who hit you? I personally don't think that I would be able to. It also stinks when someone hits you and then they just leave and don't say anything. That happened to me once and I was very upset about that.
  2. Daniel

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    Even if I had a few seconds I wouldn't be able to remember the license plate, I would most likely be shocked and filled with adrenaline from being hit by a car (assuming it has decent speed) so I really doubt I would be able to get te plate down without forgetting a few numbers. But with easy software shortcuts you can nowadays open the camera of your smart phone nearly instantly so taking a picture is still a viable option.
  3. elena

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    It`s typically for people hitting others to run, just to avoid responsibility. You will have to react in one second, grab the phone and take a picture of the plate, unless you are good of memorizing numbers (I am not :)
    In my country, authorities don`t take in account personal pictures or videos of accidents, although it would be natural, since there was no policeman around to notice the moment, but it can help to identify the author and call him/her for explanation
  4. Fernando

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    I think I'd be in too much shock to remember any details to be honest. I would probably be able to remember what happened but I would probably forget or not notice if there were any people near, what the model of the car was etc.
  5. Daisy

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    Yeah, I don't think that I would be able to either. I think that like others have said, would be in shock. It's not something that happens to me often, so that's why I would freak out.
  6. elena

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    Unluckily, the assurance companies don`t seem to understand this normal reaction, they want evidence to establish the compensation file
    I was hit once and received the minimal compensation, because I didn`t remember precious details, so next time I knew what to do
  7. Randomer2000

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    My terrible long-distance sight along with the shock of the moment, I don't think I'll be able to see the license plate. Especially since In the beginning I would not expect them to run.
  8. abbey

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    Sometime back, I was crossing a street. I saw one SUV coming which stopped at the stop sigh and I began to cross the street in the crosswalk. As I was just in from the of the SUV, the driver looked down to his mobile while he stopped, pAs I screamed, the driver finally looked up, saw me, and yelled sorry out of his open window before continuing on his way. I was stunned. All this took just 15 seconds and you expect me to remember his licence plate ? Not possible :)