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  1. Jellynelly

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    Man. I hate helmet hair. But I have having short hair too =(. Is there any sort of shampoo, or any sort of trick I can do to keep my hair nice and straight without ruining it when I take my helmet off after riding around for a while? I don't want to keep it off as I want to keep myself protected (And its illegal to not wear a helmet I think). but I also dont like spending an hour or two combing my hair everytime I get back from a ride.
  2. Alex Green

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    Oh man, I really wish somebody could actually come up with the solution as I also suffer from this issue. I shampoo my hair nicely before leaving my house on my bike and than wearing this helmet just spoils it all :)
  3. Stan Daniels

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    I am sure there must be some dry shampoo and sprays available to cope with helmet hair but I would say, this is something you can not just avoid completely. Prefer to keep short hair as a simple tip but in any case, do not prefer good looking hair over safety by avoiding the helmet, ever.
  4. Alex Green

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    Very well said Stan and I really want all the motorcyclists to take this advice seriously, especially the youth generation.
  5. Frankie

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    Please do not let any of your hair problem discourage you from wearing a helmet. Not only it is essential for the protection of your head but legally it is compulsory also.
  6. abbey

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    Being conscious of your hair, looks is a good thing but what would you do if you happen to smash your head without a helmet ? There will be no head or hair. Please never ever compromise with your safety, there are many sprays and gels available in the market which can help.