GPS: Car or phone?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video and Other Automotive Electronics' started by Taylor Ann, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Taylor Ann

    Taylor Ann Member

    If you have a GPS in your car do you like the one your car has or the one on your phone? I personally like the one that my phone has much better. Sometimes I don't think that the one my car has is very good. It takes me weird ways to get somewhere, which I don't like.
  2. denisa

    denisa Member

    I tend to use the GPS in the car, for my security
    I know myself, if I use the GPS in the phone, I would be tempted to see what`s new on social networks, to check my email, so it`s better to avoid the temptation. The phone should stay in the handbag, until I get to destination
  3. Stan Daniels

    Stan Daniels Member

    I completely agree on this with you Denisa :) I can relate to your post as I myself used to feel very tempted to have a look at my messages, fb updates etc but with time, I have learned to curb those temptations and be very disciplines when it comes to safety. I use my Phone's GPS all the time without being distracted and I find this more accurate than my car's GPS :)
  4. Daisy

    Daisy Member

    I also like the one that is on my phone as well. I think that the phones are much better than the ones in the car.
  5. Dave92

    Dave92 Member

    I prefer the one in my phone since there are a lot of different software you can use on the phone. Also, the phone GPS software are updated more frequently compared to a built-in car GPS, which makes it the all around better choice in my opinion.