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  1. costin84

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    Do you like watching Formula 1? I find it pretty interesting: speed, advanced cars and gifted drivers
    I hope someday a driver from my country would enter this glamorous world, to be proud of having a representative there
  2. abbey

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    I am also one of the formula 1 fanatics you can say :) I just love the thrill of the cut throat competition. Ever since I was around 6 or 7 yrs of age, I remember waking up on sundays to watch my favourite drivers to compete. My favourite has always been and will remain so is Senna. I just love his fearless driving yet keeping everything under control is awesome :)
  3. Vernacova

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    F1 is simply amazing with teams of thousands of skilled drivers with latest technology are fighting it out on exotic locations around the world. I just am crazy about it :)
  4. costin84

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    At that time, I was a fan of Schumacher, whom I still consider one of the best drivers, despite his absence. With any driver, Formula 1 is a tremendous show, that keeps your breath until the last seconds of the competition
  5. costin84

    costin84 Member

    You are one of the few girls saying she is interesting in Formula 1, hats off ;)
    Personally, I like it in Europe, France or Germany, but it`s also charming to see a different landscape
  6. Leo Parker

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    Yes, I love to watch Formula One racing because it's unpredictable and very fun to watch. Formula 1 is the pinnacle of technology. It's my dream to work for Formula 1 team not because of reach life, it's just my dream.