Festival of Speed

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    It seems that in June 2017, there will be a Festival of Speed in UK, organized by GoodWood
    Not much is said, but I presume that there will be races between cars in secure conditions, similarly to a rallye
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    Hey Denisa, thanks for bringing this up. It is said to be an awesome mix of different cars participating in motor racing madness. Also it is the largest event of its kind in the world. Goodwood festival gathers the planet's rarest and most glamorous cars. I wish I could attend this festival :)
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    i think this event on dec 15 to 25??
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    Wow, this sounds great man. I truly wish I could also enjoy the thrill and fun. I got so intrigued by it that I cam across this interesting video of Ford Mushtang on this speed of festival. Hope you guys enjoy it :)
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    Okay, that was nicccceeeee!
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    Wonder how many people saw this and thought of a redneck inside with a straw hanging out of his mouth... only to see the way it handles.