Favorite military vehicle - Tanks!

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    Omg. So. My brother is in the military. Sort of a family tradition. My Dad was in it, my uncle, grandfather, and great grandfather. You kind of get the picture. Just something my family does.
    So, my brother is in the military like I said and I love visiting him. I thought about joining and doing something to drive something big and strong, but I don't know if I can.

    So one of my favorite vehicles are tanks. If we're allowed to talk about tanks, I kind of wanted to make a thread to talk about those. What are some of your favorite tanks, or have any videos to share of tanks? Here's something I saw the other day that blew my mind!

  2. I love tanks as well. Love this video though, it's great.
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    I've no knowledge of tanks really, but i've always stood in awe whenever I saw one (mostly inactive or broken ones unfortunately).

    I can imagine the horror of facing an enemy tank in real combat without the equipment made to handle it.
    The very concept of this heavy metal brute machine that slowly but steady covers more and more ground while handeling a large lethal explosive weapon. It's insane.

    And that's just the old days, nowadays a decent tank can reach incredible speeds and can be reinforced with a usefull easy to operate turret.

    But when I think of a tank I think back to WW2 and imagine a Panzer slowly advancing across a battlefield with bullets blinking off unable to so much as scratch the heavy armor.
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    It would be a network of such vehicle securing a position like the classic fire-base. But with the added advantage of deployment with an on-board operator? It's size suggest easy air mobility, maybe even used in air assault operations in an urban combat zone?