does your insurance cover the scratch in parking places?

Discussion in 'Driver Training, Licensing and Insurance' started by costin84, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. costin84

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    I had a negative experience about it, found my car scratched in the morning, in the parking place of my house and the insurance company said it can`t paid, because there are no witnesses for the accident
    Obviously, who tried to park and did it badly, won`t call my door to sign a paper for the accident
  2. The Juice

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    I think it depends on lots of factors that are considered to decide if you are entitled for the insurance claim in such cases but I have also heard lot of times that they do not cover up such damages. However, I am being reminded of a post that I read here on only about a person asking a similar question and someone replied back saying comprehensive insurance claims help with such scratch damages. Please look for more details online.
  3. abbey

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    I have not heard of an incidence where they do. One of my friends recently got some very bad parking scratches in his brand new car but he was denied of any compensation for this damage by his insurance company when he claimed.