Changing the muffler?

Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by Suicoon42, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Suicoon42

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    I was reading up recently on how changing the muffler to something like a DMC Afterburner has potential performance increases in the ATV. Do you guys usually do something like this? And if so does it require a new fuel map or is the ATV Automatically able to recognize this?

    Any insight into this scenario would be appreciated!
  2. devani

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    Depends of how bad is it. If its just annoying lil leak that you want to fix, go ahead. If it falls off, just slap some more on whenever you get around it. Trying all sort of temporary fixes over the years, I have found the cheapest workaround is to replace the part.
  3. Anila

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    If its getting rusty too, know that it probably has a hole and the leak is not going to stop. If you want to use this machine for a while, you can spend 10 bucks on a fix now after sometime 100 on a muffler or spend 100 straightaway on a muffler now :)